The First Business of its kind in Social Media

"With rise of social media, which provides a massive platform of participation and a social infrastructure that is finally catching up with the commerce infrastructure, the social element is reentering commerce and business with a vengeance."



Social-as-a-Service will fulfill a need by immediately enabling entry to the social business channel


Offering planning, implementation and operational capabilities supplied with qualified human resources, new technologies and information;


prepared to deliver an open supply of new business for our clients through the social media channel.


Accountability for quality, with assurances The keys to overcoming the barrier-to-entry


Social communications activities on behalf of clients will be fulfilled by a team of expertly trained insurance professionals and social media specialists.


Proprietary Digital Risk Management Policy, Program and Process


Digital Risk Management a repetitive process which identifies and treats the risks and threats emanating from the loss exposures presented by the use of multiple


business channels


communications modes




Impact factors driving the Digital Risk Management Policy and Program


Training The communications team - Social Business Specialists - will be thoroughly trained and tested in all matters of compliance with insurance, internet, ecommerce and communications laws and regulations by subject matter experts (SME's).


Accountability Policies, processes and procedures will be monitored, censored and enforced.


Compliance The communications team will include Social Business Specialists that are licensed insurance professionals for quality and conversion.


Location Social Business Specialists who perform critical communications activities on behalf of our client’s will be American citizens working in the United States and backed by our social media service hubs located in India.


Viability will be dependent the contractual risk transfer of liability by the client, assumed by SOFTCASE and financed by insurance


Digital Risk Management and Best Practice disciplines enable us to confidently take responsibility for our quality work product and to assure that commitment to our client via contractual risk transfer financed with insurance.


Insurance must be available, affordable and acceptable.


Without these added values and other assurances most insurance companies, if any, will not adopt a social business strategy with an integrated marketing agency such as SOFTCASE , much less undertake the endeavor alone.

"We offer controls and verifiability to assure broad manageability of such concerns, unavailable until now, alleviating these concerns, turning a negative to a selling point"