The First Business of its kind in Social Media

"With rise of social media, which provides a massive platform of participation and a social infrastructure that is finally catching up with the commerce infrastructure, the social element is reentering commerce and business with a vengeance."



Social-as-a-Service Will be the coordination and integration of all marketing communication tools, avenues, functions and sources within an insurance enterprise into a powerful business platform that maximizes the impact on consumers and other end users at an optimal value.


Communications and distribution will be the core processes and services.


In addition to social media and ecommerce, the integrated business development services mix will include other features such as marketing, sales, distribution, post-sale-service, customer recovery, and more.


The voluminous amount of data that will be processed through the platform, although at some expense of course, becomes extremely valuable as systems create detailed profiles of consumers aggregated into market segments that are desirous to insurance companies.


Engineered similarly to a short-run production plant that can efficiently be refitted to accommodate: New customers, new services and products, quality improvements, technological advancements, and more.


Resource allocation optimized with Aggregate Production Planning Method used for JIT (Just-in-Time) or LEAN processes.


Elasticity in resource planning allows the flexibility to be in tune with demand.




Social-as-a-Service will offer three service models

  • Level 3 
  • Level 2 
  • Level 1
  • Social BOT
  • Social BPO
  • Social CMP
  • Social Build Operate Transfer
  • Social Business Process Outsourcing
  • Social Campaign Management Program

Service levels indicate the degree of commitment from a client.


Each engagement will have unique requirements. Flexible pricing will be negotiated and monetized with fixed-cost, cost-plus, transaction-based, success-based or percentage-increase exchanges of value.


Minimum pricing is $35,000 for the first month and $10,000 minimum per month securing qualified resource allocation.


"We will establish the market price until there is competitive pressure"



  • Operations $65
  • Social business operation
  • Strategy
  • Innovations $150
  • Insurance distribution
  • Plan
  • Business Consulting $250
  • Strategy evaluation
  • Implementation

Growth Strategy


Client relationships will specifically develop from the insurance market Added value will be delivered through our affiliations: Strategic Alliances and Open Innovation relationships including channel partners such as aggregators, affinity groups, associations, as well as large employers; and leveraging one anotherís customer relationships and brand awareness.


These affiliations will supply immediate access to a substantial number of new customers for our clients via social media. Such relationships will enhance our ability to increase their offerings to existing customers and ability to easily improve insurance policy and product bases.


Business development will manage consultative sales activities that by nature traverse a protracted sales-cycle that is typically controlled by the buyer of services for the insurance enterprise.


By concentrating on the insurance industry it allows us to quickly leverage our experience, industry relationships and visibility.


Industry relationships, word-of-mouth, advertising and industry events will produce a sufficient flow of prospects.


Each new customer should minimally produce $100K in annual fees, although some could exceed $1M.


We anticipate customers wanting a success or increase based exchange of value.


Through feedback from insurance industry leaders we learned that there be most interest in our Social Build-Operate-Transfer contract.

Financing Requirements


The company requires modest initial financing in the amount of only $100,000 since we are leveraging our assets of value in intellectual capital and intellectual property.


The first year cash flow requirements are minimally $20,000 per month in order sustain the startup. This will provide for the maintenance costs of line item expenses such as administrative, human resources, services, technology platform and infrastructure; while focusing on business development.


Pricing strategy will align each clientís unique resource demand with supply and availability of resources.


Special opportunities may require additional working capital. For example, many large insurance companies may dictate payment terms, sometimes 60 or 90 days.


We believe our business model has the potential to breakeven in a matter of months.


The monies will allow us to


Complete formation


Accelerate strategy with business development


Develop a platform, services and infrastructure


Implement tools needed to improve delivery and fulfillment of the needs of


new customers


future customer orders


Gain control insurance product distribution through ecommerce and sales resources



Focusing our initial efforts on the opportunities availing themselves in the insurance industry, we are a team of professionals and technicians specializing in the business of insurance and related technologies.


We have proven records of business development and will now elevate this core competency onto a technology platform to leverage this specialty for clients by introducing social business.


Harnessing social media tools and techniques will enable all our clients to achieve their business milestones with significantly reduced overhead and increased efficiency and effectiveness.