The First Business of its kind in Social Media

"With rise of social media, which provides a massive platform of participation and a social infrastructure that is finally catching up with the commerce infrastructure, the social element is reentering commerce and business with a vengeance."


We see an enormous undeveloped and underserved market in the insurance market space

1% of insurance companies are actively developing the social media channel

Potential 2012 insurance industry spending:  $50B marketing, $45B technology; less than 1% will be directed from those silos to social media

That could double to 2% in five years

2012 US insurance industry social media spending est. $1B

5 year cumulative future spending on social media est. $7B through 2017

Accelerating social media use by competitors, customers and the community will cause some enlightened directors to demand a ready solution.

Although motivated, the insurance company will probably not be in a position to respond: Resources are unavailable or lacking internally because social media is too new and brings with it a rapidly evolving silo of data; and is perhaps either misunderstood or its potential not understood, particularly from a sales and marketing perspective.

SOFTCASE is in position to capture a significant market share

Market Dimensions

$1.0 trillion insurance industry in the United States in 2010

q3% of Gross Domestic Product

q2,600 property/casualty insurance companies

Less than1,500 P/C organizations

q1,100 life/health insurance companies

Less than 1,000 L/H organizations

qSlightly less than 50% is sold directly to the consumer

1,000 +/- direct writing insurance companies

SOFTCASE will become a social business and technology solutions innovator focusing on the insurance industry market through our new brand-name Social-as-a-Service

As an integrated marketing agency our primary offering will be marketing communications on behalf of insurance companies through social media.

To that end, we will plan, implement and evaluate the distribution of insurance products and services that are dependent upon technology solutions.Offering a reliable, high-quality alternative to in-house resources for social media channel development; on an enterprise scale.