The First Business of its kind in Social Media

"With rise of social media, which provides a massive platform of participation and a social infrastructure that is finally catching up with the commerce infrastructure, the social element is reentering commerce and business with a vengeance."



We will satisfy marketing opportunities with the Social-as-a-Service brand


By selling, delivering and fulfilling integrated business development services for insurance companies and other financial industries:  Creating value and satisfaction by enabling our clients to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities now presenting themselves for Social Business; easily and efficiently.


"We will become the first- to-market with a social as a service offering specific to the insurance industry and believe that position could be maintained for the foreseeable future."


See it in action: Our Social-as-a-Service conceptual model for one of our clients

SOFTCASE will become a social business and technology solutions innovator focusing on the insurance industry market through our new brand-name Social-as-a-Service

As an integrated marketing agency our primary offering will be marketing communications on behalf of insurance companies through social media.

To that end, we will plan, implement and evaluate the distribution of insurance products and services that are dependent upon technology solutions.Offering a reliable, high-quality alternative to in-house resources for social media channel development; on an enterprise scale.