The First Business of its kind in Social Media

"With rise of social media, which provides a massive platform of participation and a social infrastructure that is finally catching up with the commerce infrastructure, the social element is reentering commerce and business with a vengeance."

Deloitte LLP's Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) practice has recently released the findings of the 2010 TRIBALIZATION OF BUSINESS STUDY which evaluates the perceived potential of social media and identifies how enterprises believe it may be better leveraged.


The report shows how Tribalization has gone fill circle, from dominating the consumer market at the dawn of the industrial revolution, to taking effectively a “back seat” to old media advertising campaigns of the last century, to resuming its prominence today with social media.


While some companies are effectively using online tools and New Media, others are struggling with harnessing the full potential.


Nowhere is this more prevalent than the insurance industry, with annual budgetary allocations alone of nearly $120 billion by US insurance companies for marketing and technology, and yet very little is being spent on social media.


Apparently a very high percentage of the financial industries fear the consequences of integrating these technologies and audiences into their operations.


The reasons vary but generally center on management's aversion to unmonitored rank and file cyber conversations that can easily breach their regulated framework.


"Reality is a company cannot hide from social media: Consumers are talking about its businesses online already. Managers are powerless to control it, yet they are responsible for results regardless of the outcomes."

Top objections toward Social Media communications

  • Uncertainty
  • Performance
  • Cost
  • Resources
  • Maturity
  • Channel conflict
  • Reputation
  • Regulation
  • Liability

"We offer controls and verifiability to assure broad manageability of such concerns, unavailable until now, alleviating these concerns, turning a negative to a selling point"

SOFTCASE will become a social business and technology solutions innovator focusing on the insurance industry market through our new brand-name Social-as-a-Service

As an integrated marketing agency our primary offering will be marketing communications on behalf of insurance companies through social media.

To that end, we will plan, implement and evaluate the distribution of insurance products and services that are dependent upon technology solutions.Offering a reliable, high-quality alternative to in-house resources for social media channel development; on an enterprise scale.