Softstar Computer Consultancy is based in Hyderabad, India. Softstar India specializes in conversion, migration and maintenance services utilizing several software engineering tools, including Oracle CASE and Oracle Forms. Since its inception, Softstar has successfully undertaken a variety of projects and has provided consultancy, training and high-end solutions to many different companies and organizations.


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Warner Insurance Services

Softstar has created a module for Warner Insurance Services to provide the property and casualty industry with a reinsurance management system. It calls this system RIENS. Softstar has developed REINS in Oracle 7 with state-of-the-art technology of CASE 5.1 implementation along with Oracle Forms 4.0, Reports 2.0, and PL/SQL 2.0.

Cover-All Systems
Cover-All Systems, a subsidiary of Warner Insurance Services, engaged Softstar in the development of a statistical reporting system (STATS) and a cash, billing and commissions system (CASH). Designed for precision and deadline responsiveness, STATS collects and formats all information necessary for completing the reporting requirements of the various bureaus and regulatory agencies. Softstar has implemented this project using Oracle Forms 4.0 and Reports 2.0 using CASE 5.1 under Oracle 7 environment. CASH administers cash receipts and disbursements, the collection of premia, the disbursement of return premia, and the processing of loss and commission checks.


Softstar created a global communications operations package for AT&T’s Worldwide Forecasting system. Softstar built this module, referred to as WWF, using a technical combination of Visual Basic, Oracle Objects and Microsoft Excel with Oracle as the backend.

Softstar’s Student Accounts Receivable System (SARS) is a generic package that can be used by any educational institution in the US. The company originally developed SARS in Oracle Version 6 using SQL*Forms 3.0 and is going on the convert the system to Oracle 7 using Designer/2000 and Developer/2000.

Bristol-Meyers Squibb

One of the Softstar projects is on a clinical administrative system (CAS) for the pharmaceutical company Bristol-Meyers Squibb involving the conversion of already existing applications in Oracle version 6 under CASE 5.0 to Designer/2000-Forms 4.5 under Oracle 7.1. The applications consist of approximately 3000 complex forms, all of them customized after CASE generation.

The ultimate goal of the development work is to achieve the same application functionality using Designer/2000 and Developer/2000 and an in-house customization tool.

Bristol-Meyers Squibb is also the primary client for Customeizer 2000. Developed by Softstar, Customizer 2000 is totally automated to customize CASE-generated code according to the user’s requirements. Softstar created this tool using Developer/2000 and Oracle Forms 4.5. Its objective is the incorporation of additional features that are not supported by CASE. At a generic level, Customizer 2000 supports user defined triggers, modifies the code generated through CASE, implements new triggers through property classes, and enables reusability through code sharing.