Some of the projects Softstar had successfully undertaken are listed below :

The project ATLAS is based on existing BBX system of 1-800 flowers for supporting telemarketing to customers. The system caters to all their business operations. This system includes Order Entry, Customer Satisfaction, Master Process Program, Florist Selection, Order Queues, Message Queues, Employee Maintenance, Florist Maintenance, Customer Maintenance and Customer Satisfaction. The system also have interfaces for electronic messaging between 800-Flowers who Takes the orders and the Florists who do the actual delivery of the flowers. It mainly provides products like floral, gift and gift certificates to recipient anywhere in the USA/World. It consists of various modules. Order Entry accepts order from customers through phone or any other communication media and captures data regarding customers, recipient, order, order items etc. Order Process directs the valid florist/vendor to process the orders. System Monitor and Queues module are involved when any problem arises during the process of an order. The order can be put into queues along with the queue type. Later the problem is resolved and removed from the queue. Employee Maintenance manages the employees scheduling, time card maintenance etc. In Interactive module a customer can place an order through AOL, WEB, and MSN. Customer Satisfaction Inquiry module comes into focus after an order is placed by the customer. It is about the Inquiry of the product for the order, regarding the Quality issue, Non-Delivery, Status Check, Cancellation or Billing discrepancy etc.

A prestigious project executed by Softstar for their client, Warner Insurance Services Inc., a leading US Insurance Company. As an integral part of the client’s Total Administrative Solutions package, this module has been expertly created to provide the property and casualty industry with a reinsurance management system. The project was developed in Oracle 7.0 with the state-of-the-art technology of CASE 5.1 implementation along with Oracle Forms 4.0, Oracle Reports 2.0 and PL/SQL 2.0. An extension to the project, all the modules were upgraded to CDE2 environment.

The module developed for Cover-Al Systems Inc., USA, a subsidiary of Warner Insurance Services Inc., was designed for precision and deadline responsiveness. The module collects and formats all information necessary for completing the reporting requirements of the various bureaus and regulatory agencies including full, intermediate, and mini-ISO reporting for all lines, as NCCI reporting and NAIC annual statement schedule support. The projects was implemented with Oracle Forms 4.0 and Reports 2.0 using CASE 5.1 under Oracle 7.0 environment.

The Project implemented for Cover – All System Inc., USA involves conversion of an existing system from Oracle 6.0 to Oracle 7.0. The module administers all cash receipts and disbursements, collecting premia, as well as disbursing return premia, processing loss and commission checks, etc. This module was completely generated through Oracle CASE 5.1. The development methodology was GUI based Client – Server Environment, Oracle Forms 4.0 and Reports 2.0. The module was later upgraded to CDE2 environment with Oracle 4.5 and Reports


The module was developed as a part of Total Policy Administration System. A conversion tool was developed to convert an existing COBOL / UNIFY date dictionary information into Oracle CASE 5.1 data dictionary information. The tool was built using PRO*C 1.5, Microsoft C 7.0, SQL*Loader and Oracle CASE 5.1.


The system is being developed as a generic package which can be used by any educational institution in US. The package was already developed in Oracle 6.0 using SQL*Forms 3.0 and SQL*Reportwriter 1.0. Development is going on to convert the system to Oracle 7.1 using Designer 200 and Developer 2000.


A very prestigious project for Softstar, this system is being developed for Bristol – Myers Squibb, a leader in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. The task basically involves conversion of already existing applications in Oracle 6.0 under CASE 5.0 to Designer 2000 – Forms 4.5 under Oracle 7.1. The applications consist of around 3000 complex forms, all of them customized after CASE generation. The ultimate goal of the development works is to achieve the same application functionality using Designer 2000, Developer 2000 and an in – house customization tool.


Customizer 2000 is a customization tool developed as a product of Softstar. The primary client for this product is Bristol – Myers Squibb. The tool is totally automated to customize the CASE generated code according to the users requirement. This tool has been developed totally using DEVELOPER 2000/ Oracle Forms 4.5. The objective of the tool is to incorporate additional features that are not supported by CASE. At a generic level, Customizer 2000 performs the following tasks.

> Support user defined triggers

> Modify the code generated through CASE

> Implement new triggers through PROPERTY CLASSES, Which is not yet supported by CASE

> Re – usability through code sharing

Developed for AT & T, this system was a developer’s pride. The project was part of AT & T’s Worldwide Forecasting system – a global communications operations package. The module was built with a rare technical combination of Visual Basic, Oracle Objects and Microsoft Excel with Oracle as backend. Visual Basic Screens were used as front end for user interface and the query results were finally put to the Excel spread sheet through OLE 2.0.