Welcome to Softcase Inc.. It is an international consulting service provider for Information Technology & Enterprise Management Systems. Consulting services are provided for various requirements including Project Management, Quality Management, Programming and Development Services.

Across the life cycle of product development we demonstrate our domain expertise in the analysis, design and certification of complex solutions in the areas of engineering and enterprise wide IT solutions. In addition, Softcase has considerable depth in the technology area of software design concepts and tools, Oracle, JAVA and other Internet related technologies.

Customer satisfaction is the key to our business and we endeavor to be the first choice for our clients.Softcase is by the employees, for the employees and of the employees. We employ and retain the best Information Technology Professionals, to be employees’ best choice.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality computer & IT related consulting services using state-of-the-art Information Technology. We value professional, courteous and personalized service. We believe in working together with our clients to develop solutions that precisely meet their needs, schedules and budget.

Our Commitments: We are accountable to live up to our commitments by working in partnership to forge mutually beneficial relationships.